The Prophet’s conduct with his wife Sawdah: The issue of divorce

Abstract: With their efforts to malign the Prophet of Islam having failed on the oft-discussed issues, the critics now pick on lesser known aspects of his life. One such issue is about the Prophet’s conduct with his wife Sawdah. It is alleged that the Prophet divorced her after years of marriage solely because of her advancing age. This paper critically analyzes the available information and shows how the revocable divorce pronounced by the Prophet was meant only to bring out some practical lessons for the Muslim community. It also shows that the Prophet continued to show his love and affection for Sawdah even after the said incident.

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    1. Asslam O Alaikum Ma Sha ALLAH You guys are doing really good job may ALLAH Subhan Wa Ta'La
      Bless u .
      & please explain another topic on dog killing in ISLAM

      & on water issue .. Some jokers from christianity are mocking ISLAM on these issues please put topic on that.
      Jazak ALLAH Khair