Companion Sites

The primary purpose of Islamic-Awareness website is to educate Muslims about the questions and issues frequently raised by the Christian Missionaries and Orientalists. You will find a variety of excellent articles and responses to missionary and orientalist writings.

The main purpose of this website is to address the oft repeated allegations & misconceptions put forward by Christian missionaries, skeptics and Islamaphobes, regarding Islam.

Muslim Responses is a site that is dedicated to refuting the many lies and distortions that have been thrown against the true and noble faith of Islam.

An amazing site answering lies about Islam. It is run by brother Bassam Zawadi.
The Facts About Islam

Brother Yahya Snow takes on the liars and thrashes them.
The True Call

A beautiful site answering false propaganda against Islam. Another important feature is a wonder Quran Browser supporting multiple languages.

A group of Muslims composed of Imams, doctors, engineers, teachers and students with a mission to help those who are seeking the clarity of Islam to be able to access answers and clarifications on accusations put forth against Islam. We strongly condemn all types of terrorism and stand firm in refuting those who try to justify it in the name of any ideology or mask it under any type of liberation movement.

This website is  a milestone in Islamic Dawah. The website is aimed at introducing Islam as it is to the Hindus, removing misconceptions about Islam and respond to attacks against Islam by some radical Hindu groups. All in all this site is aimed to be the hub for Hindu-Muslim dialogue and debate online.