Why Quran calls woman a tilth for man?

Q-Is it not a fact that "ISLAM CONSIDERS WOMEN TILTH FOR MEN" and thus degrades them?

ANS: The verse they refer to is as under;

"Your wives are as a tilth unto you; so approach your tilth when or how ye will; but do some good act for your souls beforehand; and fear Allah. And know that ye are to meet Him (in the Hereafter), and give (these) good tidings to those who believe." (Al-Quran 2:223)

Yes, woman is called the tilth for man, but it is not that a parallel is being drawn between her and tilth. Actually it is a simile, that it is man whose seed a woman carries in her womb. It is in this context that this simile is given for understanding. For those who really understand the Quran, this verse asks for better attitude towards women. you see, a farmer looks after his tilth, waters it, protects it against all climate conditions. In the same way man is supposed to take every care of woman, for he has been given more physical strength and has been made her protector and manager of her affairs.


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    1. As salamu Alaikum Brother,
      It is good to try and spread Islam but You are deleving in areas in which you dont have knowledge.

      We are not allowed to say things about Allahs deen without sufficinet knowledge of that issue.

      You should read and ask those with knowledge before posting stuff on the web.
      take care
      walaikum salam
      A brother

      1. I think Waqar has very good knowledge.
        He has found facts relating to the situation and there is no denying his facts are wrong.He has stated very obvious facts such as man is stronger .

        If he has your so called untrue tafseer who has the right tafseer?
        He is not using historic facts. He is using badic facts yhat could be easily undrrstood and validated by common people like you and me.

    2. Asslamu alaikum
      The verse is actually regarding sex. Because the Jews of Madina has a superstition. They used to say that when a man enters a women's vagina from behind, the child born will have a squint. The Muslim of madina had these misconceptions. So Allah revealed the verse to explain to the Muslims that we can have sex with our wife in any position as long as it is not anal sex.


    3. Brother Anonymous!

      You are indeed right but I would love to know what mistake I made. please do tell. I take the spirit of your comment but please do mention the Grey areas.

    4. As salamu alaikum
      I will just give you one example as I many other things to do.

      You were giving tafsir of the verse. However the tafsir of the verse is not as you said. It is about how a man is to sleep with his wife. That is not even a grey area. My advice for you is to stick with issues that are easy to the understand. Otehrwise you may end up giving a theory which sounds good but is not correct.

    5. I know the true context of the Ayah but here the intention is only to do away with the wrong notion created by some people and I think what I said no way contradicts the Islamic Concepts in general or some particular ayah or hadith.

    6. So you know the true context of the Ayah but you want to give the un-true context of the ayah.

      So in trying to do away with teh wrong notion, you will be leading Muslims who read your blog astray.

      Has Allah given you special permission to lead Muslims astray?

      This is not politics you are speaking about. It is the deen of Allah.

      our job as Muslism is to tell them about Islam. If tehy do not like it tough. Only Allah guides poeples hearts to Islam. not human beings. So please stick to the true context before you end up distorting islam to please others.

    7. I wonder whats wrong in the explanation I gave. It no way contradicts established Islamic principals.

      All our great scholars follow such lines when it comes to answering allegations. You need to go through "Hujjat Al-Baligha" by Shah Wali Ullah and "Ashraful Jawab" by Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi.

      And as to the people. Let them read the post and your and mine comments as well and decide what is right and what is wrong. Whatever I write I discuss with learned scholars and they don't find any trouble with it and unless you exactly tell why is it wrong, I dont care about your comments.

    8. I'm Sulayman from Afghanistan. I have Ibn Kasir Tafsir It's written:

      The Reason behind revealing Allah's Statement: "Your Wives
      are a Tilth for You.(so go to your tilth, when or how you will)

      meaning, wherever you wish from the front or from behind, as long as sex takes place in one
      valve (the female sexual organ), as the authentic
      Hadiths have indicated.
      For instance, Al-Bukhari recorded that;
      Ibn Al-Munkadir said that he heard Jabir say that
      the Jews used to claim that if one has sex with his
      wife from behind (in the vagina) the offspring
      would become cross-eyed.
      Then, this Ayah was revealed:(Your wives are a tilth for you, so
      go to your tilth, when or how you will).
      Muslim and Abu Dawud also reported this
      Ibn Abu Hatim said that Muhammad bin Al-Munkadir
      narrated that Jabir bin Abdullah told him that;
      the Jews claimed to the Muslims that if one has
      sex with their wife from behind (in the vagina)
      their offspring will become cross-eyed.
      Ibn Jurayj (one of the reporters of the Hadith)
      said that Allah's Messenger said:
      From the front or from behind, as long as that
      occurs in the Farj (vagina).

    9. Brother, Masha'Allah you have given the exactly whats mentioned in Ahadith but I have not contended this and being a Muslim I can never. What I have written is only to dispel the notion that the verse somehow degrades women and the explanation is in no contradiction to Ahadith.

      But I think to avoid any further discussion on this thing I must put the relevant Ahadith as well coz I think some people are assuming as if i am contending the prophetic explanation.

    10. This is a perfectly acceptable explanation of this verse as it does not go against any Islamic principal that I'm aware of. I want to congratulate bro Waqar for his efforts and research into these hot-button issues, because his website has been a great service to me.

      I ask Allah [swt] to make this blog a massive success, and to bless the contributers here with endless rewards in dunya and akhira! Ameen!


    11. I am not a Muslim. But I think you made a very good explanation of something that up to now has been offending me. So as a non-muslim I thank you for clarifying this in such a pleasant and simple manner. Just ignore the loud voices of decent

    12. Brother Waqar,

      You have really explained this very well to dispel the false notion of Women being degraded in Islam.


    13. Thank you.

      The vita distinction between a simile and a parallel was spot on.

    14. The terms wives are as a tilth unto you (ploughing of the earth and sowing of the seed in it)
      Dr.keith moore in his you tube video http://youtu.be/10skSXv8Nas says this is a very good analogy regarding sexual intercourse ploughing and implantation of the plasticyst (sowing of the seed) . The plasticyst develops root like structures called corionic villi which derives oxygen and nutrients from the mother’s blood just like roots of a plant.

    15. Brother Waqar,

      please ignore the anonymous above with half knowledge...
      your comments are good.. keep up the good work

    16. Salam

      Why are you worried about people with no sense, who sell any manner of inanimate objects through dressing up their women as whores, so that men will notice the advertisements. If they got no sense, I assure you that no matter what you say, you will not be able to change their view on Islam.

    17. Allah’s view of marriage partners. 2:187 – “They (your wives) are raiment for you and ye are raiment for them.” Isn’t there anything loving in Islamic marriages? Why is marriage not a holy sacrament in Islam, as all other faiths? Why no mosque wedding is allowed in Islam?

      1. What's wrong with the spouse being garment to each other? There are scores of hadith about love and affection between husband and wife and how it is rewarded.
        Marriage (nikah) is recommended to be performed in the mosque, however, it is not binding or essential for Islam does not divide the world into holy and profane.