The Lies about Muhammad -How you were deceived into Islamophobia by Moustafa Zayed

An Answer to Robert Spencer's book "Truth about Muhammad"

154 allegations refuted

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 The Sublime Quran and Orientalism by Muhammad Khalifa

A concise, panoramic view of the Qur'an, answering the principal questions hovering in the Western reader's mind: If the Qur'an is of Divine authorship, how did it come to be written down? Why do Surahs appear in such and such order? What is Qur'anic concept of God? If life is predestined, how does free will come into play?
These question, and many more, Dr. Khalifa discusses lucidly, with rational arguments and objectivity, dispelling many of the misunderstandings that still prevail.
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Biography of the Prophet and the Orientalists by Muhammad Mohar Ali

 A wonderful analysis of the Orientalist way of looking at the Life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad [pbuh] and answers to misconceptions and lies.

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History of the Qur'anic Text from Revelation to Compilation: A Comparative Study with Old and New Testaments by Muhammad Mustafa al-Azami

A detailed history of the Qur'anic preservation, step by step and explaining all the points of interest. Makes a comparison of the Qur'anic preservation with that of the Bible. Also answers and busts the myths created by Orientalists about the textual stability of the Qur'an. If there has to be just one book on this subject, here it is.

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'Uloom al-Quran by Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi

Gives the basic information about the fundamental sciences of the Holy Qur'an. Some important issues about Qur'anic veracity are also discussed.

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Studies in Hadith Methodology and Literature by Muhammad Mustafa al-Azami

Basics of Hadith science and Introduction to important Hadith collections. A must read for beginners.

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The Differences of the Imams by Zakariyya Kandhlawi

Though the title is about the Imams only, it does explain as to why we find differences in Ahadith, and in the opinions of the Sahaba besides addressing the issues of differences among the Imams.. Nice and logical explanation with relevant examples.

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A Compendium of Answers to Allegations Against Islam  by Waqar Akbar Cheema

 Answers to 30 common allegations aboutt Holy Qur'an, against the Holy Prophet [pbuh] and status of women in Islam.

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The Main Sources of Seerah and the Correct Way of Approaching Them  by Gabriel Keresztes & Muatassim Al Humaidi 

Research paper on the very important topic.

A concise and comprehensive study of the subject. A must read for both Muslims and non-Muslims. Discusses the main sources and must-remember facts about them.

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On Schacht's Origins of Muhammadan Jurisprudence by Muhammad Mustafa al-Azami [NEW]

A detailed and point-wise refutation of Joseph Schacht's arguments against established Islamic ideal of sunnah and the system of isnaad (chains of narrators). Many hadith rejecters and so-called liberal modernists rest their convictions on his thesis. And it has actually become the bible of Orientalists.

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